TO: EVOC 502 Dr. Scarcella

FROM: Victor E. Dike

DATE: February 5, 2005

RE: 502, WA1, Dike


The purpose of EVOC 502 WA1 was to prepare a list of Assertive Discipline Rules and Penalties that would be appropriate for the course I teach in Basic Computer Networking. The following criteria were specified:
  1. Comply with all of the General Criteria for Written Assignments.
  2. List and briefly describe at least one good resource from which further information about assertive discipline can be obtained.
  3. List a minimum of five rules that reflect reasonable student behavior in the situation in which you function (or expect to function) as an instructor.
  4. List the penalties (or consequences) for breaking those rules, indicating the increased severity of the penalties for repeated offenses. Be sure that the penalties you describe are both reasonable and enforceable.
  5. Prepare the rules as a one-page contract that can be signed by the student. Type or word-process the rules contract. Careful consideration should be given to margins, headings and overall appearance.
  6. Everything should fit on one side of one 8.5 by 11 page and it should be clearly reproduced on high quality paper so that it will look professional.


The following sources of information were used relative to this assignment:
  1. Dike, Victor E. - From my own professional experience.
  2. Allen, Thomas H. "Elements of A Disciplined Plan" Copyright (1996)

See (accessed 12/19/04

I believe that the attached report meets all six of above listed criteria and respectfully request full credit: one point for meeting each of the above listed criteria.
RULES and Penalties for a Course in Basic Computer Networking

By: Victor E. Dike

RULES for Students:

1. Be in your seat by the end of the tardy bell.

2. Be prepared with materials and assignments.

3. Raise hand to ask questions or participate.

4. Respect others and the property of others.

5. No cell phone, music, and no food or drink in computer lab

6. If more rules are needed, I will announce them.

Penalties for Breaking the Rules:

1st Offense: Verbal Warning and Documentation

2nd Offense: Loss of Recess Privileges and Documentation

3rd Offense: Place a call to Parents/Guardians

4th Offense: Visit to the Principal/Vice Principal’s Office and Documentation

5th Offense: One-Day Suspension and Documentation

6th Offense: Three-day Suspension and Documentation

7th Offense: Dropped from Class and Documentation


Statement of Compliance:

I________________________________________(Student) have read and understand all the rules and penalties listed above. I agree to comply with all the rules and if I happen to break any of the rules, I agree to accept the prescribed penalty.



Student’s Signature and Date